Preparation for re-coating this canoe with epoxy resin involves sanding the oxidation off.  There was a ton of oxidation I could easily scratch it off with a knife edge as you will see in the video.  I could have left the oxidation on the canoe and the epoxy would cure the same with fairly dark finish of the canoe showing through, but the oxidation is variable.  If you want the canoe to look as nice as a 9 year old, beat up canoe can look, sanding is a prerequisite to applying resin.  On this canoe the oxidation was like whole wheat flour on the hull.  Because I was shooting video footage and talking, I did two dumb things:  1. I should have been wearing a dust mask, and 2. I should have been wearing a long-sleeved shirt.   Breathing in that dust, while I took significant care to not be in the cloud by using the wind to avoid it; is still not a good thing to do.  Lot of fine fiberglass particles in it.

Nevertheless, I sacrificed myself for the cause.  So here’s how you sand a canoe with oxidation.  As you’ll see, it is incredibly difficult to do and very involved.  (wink)

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