After many different steps along the way including placing wooden braces in to the hull to reduce the oil-canning to correct the damaged parts of the chines of this canoe, I finally finished it off with a finish coat of West System epoxy.  As you can see from the the walkaround, the hull is restored back from white to kevlar.   As a result, there are no more scratchy fiberglass needles along the hull, all the stress marks have been resealed and bonded together, and the life of this canoe from this day forward should easily extend another 15 years with ease.  Best part is that it is a Souris River Quetico 17 which is the best canoe money can buy.

Don’t believe me?  Let’s see you do this to a buckled, nine-year-old, foam core, Brand X kevlar canoe.  I’ll bring a chair and the popcorn.  This is gonna be good!

West System 105/207 Epoxy & Hardener
West System 105/207 Epoxy & Hardener

This is the West System Epoxy Resin system that you would use to refinish AND do repair work on your canoe.  CLICK HERE

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