Rapala Magnums can be a difficult-to-find lure because a lot of bait & tackle stores simply don’t stock them.  They are a spendier plug and some markets just won’t pick one and own it.   It’s not even an easy lure for us to get as we have to special order them.  But, we do have  a trophy pike fishing crowd who likes to throw this sick of wood around and they do so with great effect a times.  I must say that hooking a 25 lb. northern pike is still a big rush for even the most jaded big pike fishermen/women.  Big northerns or haukies (HOW – key) like our Finnish contingent in Ely, MN used to call them are a prized catch.  Our big northerns chew up your tackle, destroy your reel, and test the limits of your drag and rod.   They didn’t get that big by being dumb or lucky.  They know how to dive, run, screech your drag and plow under the boat because they have had 15 years of practice.  And, while big haukies can and have been caught on the little lures throughout history, they like big tackle.  They like to bite it sideways and run.

So, if you are in big northern country like our own lake Jasper, Basswood, Snowbank, Shagawa, White Iron, Fall, and many, many others in the Ely, MN area, you might want to add one of these Rapala Magnums to your collection.  You can actually cast these with a 6 foot medium rod, but a medium heavy might do better.  You could also troll them for lake trout and hunt for muskies with them.  Sure, it’s a spendy lure, but tackle is not about the “here and now”.  Tackle is about the “what if?”  What if you just out screwing around with this big plug and you caught a 30 lb. northern pike?    What if a muskie made a four foot diameter swirl of boiling water right behind it in a miss?  Is your heart strong enough for such a site?  Could you keep your cool and cast again or get the shakes and chest pains?  What a way to go!  It’s all sitting right there in the great unknown water before you.  There might be nothing, or….

Order gold sided ones and the Red & White for stained waters and the lighter colors plus Red & White for clear waters.

Order your Rapala Magnum Here