Here is a brief video on how to refinish your canoe using West System Epoxy and also how to deal with oxidation issues on a Souris River Canoe.  This is not a complete series but gives WAY enough information for  someone to figure out how to solve some cosmetic issues with Souris River Canoes.  It should also dispell the large numbers of people seeking my advice and then shaking their heads and arguing about implementing 80 grit sandpaper.  (If you already know the answers, why the heck are you asking me?  …and then, argue with me about how it’s done? )  Yes – 80 grit sand paper on an orbital sander – that is what you use for heavy oxidation.  150 grain sandpaper will do the job but take you all day and for what?   Afraid you are going to scratch your used kevlar canoe?  I think that ship has sailed.

For the rest of you more open-minded-canoe-sanders, I’m hoping  you’ll find this video quite useful.  I will be coming out with a more in-depth series that will address correcting many more issues and repairs but that particular video series one will be for sale.  I hope to have that collection available within the next few months.



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