Here’s a panoramic view of the first floor at Red Rock.    When you order from us online, it comes from here.  Note that while we list a ton of stuff in our online catalog, we also have a much larger selection in the actual store itself.  See a video of our Location on the Fernberg Road  A lot of items simply do not make it online.  And vice versa, sometimes, we do not have all online products in stock as we have lightning fast suppliers and can usually seamlessly deliver an item to you in the event that it’s not in stock in the store.  Our usual preference is to stock the items that we list whenever possible.  If you don’t see it, or wonder for certain, please give us a call at 218-365-4512 and leave a message if we are not able to get to the phone and we’ll call you back.  Another great way to contact us is via email at

Tackle in Ely Minnesota

Thanks to all of our customers for supporting this business!  Please keep the orders coming!

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