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Fishing Tackle & Equipment Reviews

Big Larry to the Rescue 

It’s Perch Season – Are you ready for action?

Tungsten Sliver Spoons get there FAST!

Lindy Perch Talker

Windy Day on Wood Lake

Big Run on Moonshine Shiver Minnows – Everybody wanting walleyes wants them!

Rapala Magnums for Northern Pike, Muskies, Lake Trout, and What If’s?

Great Lake Trout Lure for Boundary Waters Fishing

Jigs with Stripes and UV finish

Fenwick HMG -Lightweight, strong and perfect for walleyes – gear marketing

Prescott Strip On Spinners – Yes, they still make them!

Ugly Ducklings are GREAT Lures for Walleyes, Trout, Bass, Panfish

Six Fishing Don’ts ( and a bunch of “Do’s”, too!)

Salmo Hornets & Salmo Frisky – how they work

Fishing Tip – New Tackle vs. Confidence Tackle



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