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Winter Tackle & Equipment Reviews

Ice Auger Blade Sharpening – When it’s time to buy new blades

Got Dull Blades? Do Not be Dull?

Ice Auger Blade Sharpening – What to NOT do

Polar Fire Vortex 40 – New Thermal Pop-up Ice Shelter

Vexilar FLX-28 Depth Finder

Jiffy PRO 4™ Lite PROPANE Powered Ice Drill – Review

Eskimo Propane Ice Auger – HC-40 in thick ice

Nils Ice Auger Blade Test – My Nils won’t cut & Stupid things I like to do with my ice auger

Ice Fishing – What a Way to Spend the Day

Eskimo 6120i Thermal Shelter Review

Eskimo HC-40 Propane Auger Vs. Jiffy Pro 4 Auger

Marcum LX6 – How does it compare to the Marcum LX7?

Bargain Ice Drilling

Reel Bang for your Buck

Strikermaster Lithium Lazer Ice Auger – Drilling Like Nobody’s Business!

Tica Cetus SS 500 – Reel Considerations – Don’t Forget the Drag!

UPDATE:  No Fly Zone – Frabill I Series Apparel

Eskimo HC-40 Propane Auger – 10″ drilling on the ice in Minnesota

Ice Trolling  – Lotsa work, sometimes excellent results – Strikemaster Lithium Ice Auger

Ice Shanty – To use Thermal or to not use Thermal – that is the question.

Wool Power – Merino Wool underwear from Sweden – the best money can buy

Nils Ice Auger with Power Point – Do you need it?

Eskimo 9416 i – Insulated tent for ice fishing with a gang.

Marcum LX-7 vs. Marcum LX-6: the differences

UPDATE:  ION Ice Auger – 6″ and 8″

UPDATE:  Eskimo Propane Auger HC-40 – up close and personal

UPDATE:  Marcum PanCam

UPDATE – Clam 1660 Thermal 6-sided shelter

Nils Cordless Ice Auger

Clam Six Pack 1660 MAG Thermal

MarCum PanCam – WIFI makes ice fishing even MORE fun!

Nils USA- 10″ Power Ice Auger –  27CC & 35CC MOTORS

ION Ice Auger – electric ice auger now with power reverse!

Nils USA Trekker Ice Auger for hand, cordless drill and Tanaka gas engine









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